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Who We ARE

MAZA Marketing is a Denver-based digital marketing agency specializing in direct response marketing, digital advertising, and online reputation management. We’re obsessive about measurement and metrics because our goal is to ensure that we’re yielding practical, measurable results for your business. Everything we do is driven by this simple mission.

Our Services

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Paid SOcial Advertising

Our goal is to prevent businesses from wasting marketing dollars by focusing on the advertising channels that drive the most sales opportunities. We’re able to prove return on your media spend because we can tie your advertising dollars to actual online sales or foot traffic for brick-and-mortars like restaurants or retail locations.

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Review Management

No matter where you do business, online customer reviews are insanely influential. Reviews determine how people perceive your business, whether or not they would buy from you, even your visibility in search engines. Our review management platform gives you a simple review funnel process that’s easy and effective.


Direct response Marketing

Our direct response marketing efforts will help you to streamline the process of lead generation as well as customer re-engagement for increased conversions and maximized results. Not only will we earn new customers for your business as we guide them through our marketing funnel, we’ll also generate online reviews from those same customers.


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Your partners in growth


Zach REichard

With over 8 years of digital marketing & branding experience, Zach utilizes his creative, right-brained approach to marketing to help bring brands to life. In his free time, Zach enjoys cooking for friends & binge-watching Chef's Table (or any cooking show) on Netflix. 

Matt Reichard

A self-proclaimed data nerd, Matt combines his love for analytics and marketing genius to generate real results. He has successfully managed multi-million dollar ad budgets in the past. When he's not digging into a spreadsheet, he's likely flying his drone or off attending a blockchain conference somewhere.  

Want to work together?

We're kinda picky about the brands that we work with — for good reason.

Here are a few things that we look for: 

  • Customer-centric mind-set

  • Dedicated marketing and advertising budgets

  • Clearly defined business goals and consumer markets  

  • Companies that make the world a better place

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